I hope and pray you will have a smooth journey in your new role. There’s no one who has worked as hard as you have in the last years. God bless. Congrats!”, “They thought you didn’t have it in you. Enjoy your success.”, “Congratulations for making it big. You no longer have to wait for a diploma. You did it, your hard work paid off! Congratulations! Congratulations. Your achievements speaks itself about your capabilities. You will find more success than you had ever thought. Finally you got the right job just as you desired. It was a happy moment for all of us, and I believe that we all had fun throughout the past few weeks! Now be sure to continue to be one in every aspect of your life. The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall. However, you find it hard to create a message that will inspire and motivate someone to keep going. You’re just a few steps away from securing a bright future for you. You can say congratulations for so many events that happen in the lives of your friends, colleagues, and family members. It’s time to let loose and unwind before you join the ‘9 – 5.’ Congratulations.” Here is a look at an incredibly useful tips on what to do after you leave college. The key to happiness is having dreams. Your hard work has paid off, its your day So you need to celebrate it your way Make the most of it, today It's a super happy bright day Congrats on your achievement! I am very happy for you.”, “Your dedication, enthusiasm and insight are really inspiring. Well done graduate! Congratulations on your achievement! Congratulations on a great job. You've come so far. Congratulations to you. Congratulatory language also varies depending on the reason for celebration. Most times, we want to make a person feel our support. Congratulations. I hope that you continue to do so for the rest of your life. Congratulations on your promotion.” “You have been a great husband and an awesome father and we are beyond proud of you. Your hard work has finally paid off! Thanks for a great job. Congratulations for proving everybody wrong.”, “Well done on making us proud. It won’t be long before the repair bills start coming in. Congrats! Let's now focus on getting more new recruits for next year GOH competition! Congratulation. Your hard work and effort have paid off! Your future is bright. Work hard and give it all you’ve got. Saved from writenamepics.com. There is no one else who can be more suitable for this job. Your hard work has paid off! Congratulations! You’ve made all of us proud, On your super achievement, Your hard work has surely paid off, And luck and destiny too, So keep smiling as you made it through, Super Congrats to You! It is a combination of hard work, discipline, dedication and a lot of patience. Slow and steady makes it to the top! DIY and Crafts. Discover (and save!) Take Action by continuing your knowledge in the field of STEM you like the most! I wish you many years of great achievements!”, “Your hard work has paid off. Beautiful flowers and a congratulations message. I learnt you just got a new job! Your hard work has truly paid off. Discover (and save!) Keep up the good work. I am very happy for you. Your hard word has finally paid off. I wish and pray that you always succeed in whatever you do. Your hard work has paid off! Congratulations, your hard work paid off. Don’t worry about choosing that one perfect college — there’s no such thing. You very well deserve this congrats for your hard work and dedication. Enjoy your new home & best wishes for the next phase of your journey . "Your hard work has paid off. To help you understand how to say congratulations in the right way and context, here is a compilation of how the best writers in history chose to say congratulations to different people at different times. Congrats! Oct 27, 2013 - Your hard work and efforts paid off...Congratulations! Congratulations on holding the line this year, We appreciate the efforts your departments has made to stay under budget.