What can I do to just go back grey? You can save so much money and it’s easier to get information from calling them instead of just buying from anywhere or any kind of hair dye name brands. To properly get to blonde you must bleach color out. I then colored it a really dark brown with red tones. I don’t know why but it does. Two days ago I went to get my hair reverse highlights. That’s the minimum interval if you care about your hair but it would actually be better to wait somewhere around six or seven weeks if you’re really scared of doing any damage. Wanting to get back to that, I took Color Oops to it hoping it would take out most of the red and allow it to be lighter. I dyed my hair yesterday and used a 10 % developer by mistake  can I redye it using 20 % developer  and what will the result be  the 10 % made it to dark, I dyed my hair and used 10%developer  I should have used 20%  Can I redye now using the proper developer  the 10% made it to dark  will using 20% make it lighter, I just did highlights in my hair and my hair is black.. but the highlights were blue and the blue was too dark and now u cant see it….. it just blends in… it was depressing so now i have to go get a BRIGHT blue and bleach and stuff and do it again tomorrow. The general rule is to wait four to eight weeks before coloring your hair again but as we just learned it’s not always necessary. Try these. I have 90% grey hair, naturally. amzn_assoc_title = "My Amazon Picks"; When should you go gray? How long should you wait between coloring? It does the same trick as any other top line deep conditioner does. Wish you luck. If your hair is strong and you use a dye which is not too harsh then you can try to wait a little less than that and everything might still turn out fine. As a result, your hair loses its shine and smoothness as well as becomes dry and brittle. A lot of depends on the condition that your hair is in after the coloring treatment. Those are the questions that are most likely going through your mind right now and that’s exactly the topic that we’re going to touch upon today. So dyed my hair dark red brown and the box said ammonia free. That’s the minimum interval if you care about your hair but it would actually be better to wait somewhere around six or seven weeks if you’re really scared of doing any damage. http://www.beautysalonspamanteca.com/Trendy_Hairstyles_Manteca_CA.html. Over the years, my hair color as darkened more and now the grey is also apparent. I wash my hair in cold water and wash it about every 2 days using dry shampoo in between washing. Having the wrong mixture may cause damage on your hair, on your scalp, and even on the skin surrounding your face. “Your hair makes a statement to the world. I kid, I kid, but I can’t … I got the manic panic stain red. I want to dye it a darker red so how long would I have to wait? The Facts. My hair is a dark brown, thick, healthy, and had  peek-a-boo caramel highlights (Done professionally) . I bleached it about 3 times before all this, About a week ago by hair was a brown auburn color, however my natural hair color is a very light brown, almost blonde. If you want the impact of a dye job without the commitment, a hair gloss is your best bet. Even a one-time hair coloring process can cause damage to your hair. I colored my hair today, but stupidly forgot to shake the developer and tube of coloring before putting it on my hair. They require frequent redyes. It depends on the color dye you bought. Whatever you do, do not try to fix it yourself. How Often Can You Color Your Hair at Home? During this appointment, bring in photos of hair color you like—and that you don’t—and be sure to tell your colorist how often you’re willing to come into the salon for color appointments. Interested? Is it too soon:? “The question of how often you should wash your hair has been a matter of debate for some time. Whatever your goal, there's a perfect hair color for you. Will this ruin my perm too? I dyed my hair dirty blonde hair a lighter blonde but it’s not blonde enough. Recently I decided to go back to brown. As much as possible, keep your heat-styling tools away from your hair and just let your hair air-dry while scrunching it to achieve the same shiny results. Also it dried out a little but the ends are pretty fine so far. You need to let your hair … Who knows? Shipping is free after you’ve spent $25.00 and they have everything you’ll need including the newest professional hair color’s. how lomg do you have to wait until you can dye your hair again i dyed my hair on highlights but when i first dyed it my hair was more blonde but now it kinda faded it away and i want to redye my a dark color like brown i need some help U0001f629U0001f629, I did my hair three days ago magenta by loreal hi lift with a 20volume my hair was a deep Burgundyand now I don’t like my hair its a little to read so I redid it two days after violet buy Loreal Feria still don’t like my hair it’s a little too bright what do you recommend for me to do. Successfully recoloring your dyed hair depends on a number of things, including the type of hair color product you first used, the health of your hair, and how long ago you dyed the hair. My question is what at home brand will give me what I want and how long should I wait? I did the same thing now it looks orange how soon can i redye it to light brown? They also sell an 8A – Ash Blonde. Now my hair is like an ugly dull Ash blonde. If it got damaged after the first time then don’t rush with dyeing it again and, Deep conditioning at least once every few days is one of the best ways to. Dye does not damage your hair. But the long part totally turn orange. Want to color your hair as soon as possible? I am wondering why didn’t my hair take in the red dye? Will your hair be fine in the long run if you do that? Well, ideally, the point of changing your hairstyle is that you will discover something that is completely, uniquely and beautifully you. I also had the same issue, Black is by far the worse hair cor to cover up..I would never color my hair BL6, I have the same question! Just curious can I do it later this week? This is because the longer your hair, the fewer nutrients reach it. Try a different dye and don’t wash your hair as often. Split ends and hair breakage are two of the most common and also most disturbing consequences of too frequent coloring. Some toners do last longer, so if you’re curious, just ask your colorist. Editor’s tip: Got damaged hair because of frequent styling and coloring? . You can be one through your hair! It may or may not happen but the most important thing is for you to know what is considered to be a good interval between coloring hair and try to treat your hair right. It can create more color change and last longer than semi-permanent. , Actually unnatural colors like blues, pinks, oranges, and purples tends to fade exceptionally fast. HATE IT! //