Treat your dog today with naturally better nutrition. Treat them right and train them right with Bobbie Dogs Healthy Training Treats. Akela Lamb Ears 50g. Find great deals for Lamb Lung Dog Treats 5 oz All Natural Premium Dog Training Treat IBEST QUALITY. buy now . 123 Treats; 123treats; 4pets; Cardinal Gates; chic Pet; L'chic Pet; Scoochie Pet Products; Collections. A tasty treat suitable for any dog, ValueBull USA Sliced Lamb Lung is especially great for dogs with allergies or on restricted diets. Lamb Lungs Treats. Shop Our Catalog . These come in a 45g bag. Your dog. From training treats to soft chews, we've got the stuff that make tails wag! Lamb Puff Cube dog treats. Our ZIWI® Lamb Good Dog Rewards™ contain 96% premium New Zealand Lamb meat, including tripe, and Green Mussels. buy now . Best Raw Dog Food Overall: Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Meal Mixers. These lamb treats can be reconstituted with water to make them puff out. Our lamb lung now comes in three new sizes so that you can find the perfect size treat for your dog. Our irresistible lamb lung can also be broken up and used as a training reward. Ingredients: 100% Australian Lamb Lung. After they have enjoyed about 3 to 5 treats or chews over a 3-5 day period, their tummy should be familiar with the increased protein and you can safely treat at your discretion! All natural Lamb Lungs Dog Treats … Add to Wish List. Pet Center Lamb Crunchys Lamb Lung Dog Treats 1 lb. Treats are a great way to motivate your dog, reward them, or just show them a little love. Create New Wish List × Product Overview. Shop online for dog, cat, fish, bird, and small animal supplies at £2.50. Lamb lung is a great treat for senior dogs and puppies because it has a soft texture and is sliced thinly so it can be torn apart. Lamb Bites are 100% natural, dried lung without any added preservatives, colourings, flavourings or additives, making them a healthy and tasty treat for your pet. Lamb Lungs. Best Healthy Homemade Dog Treats – Greenies Review. 21% Off End Cuts & Trainer Bulk Bags!! K9 Natural Lamb Lung Protein Bites Air-Dried Treats are made with mouthwatering morsels of lamb lung. Barkworthies Lamb Lung Treats are easily broken into smaller pieces, making them a great training treat to reward good behavior. About Us Contact Us Frequent Questions. As fun as treats can be though, dog owners should be aware of how many treats they’re giving—and realize that the treats aren’t actually necessary, experts say. There are many reasons people give their dog treats, from training rewards to something to keep them occupied for a bit. Weight: 3.00 Ounces. No matter the reason, your dog is likely to be happy to have something tasty to munch on. She gets it and brings it back. With a soft texture these are great for puppies, senior pets or dogs with sensitive teeth. 2. Many treats help your dog maintain good dental health as they chew, and Greenies Teenie Dental Dog Treats is one of the best. The cubes are very light and airy with a hard surface texture, but once the surface is breached they shatter into easy to eat crunchy pieces. Reward your dog with a 100% natural treat you both can feel good about. from £12.87. 100% Australian Lamb Treats for your puppy. I give A great source of protein, lamb lung is the perfect treat choice for dogs who are allergic to beef, pork or poultry. Animal Parts; Lamb Lung; Vendors. Shop Now. My dog, Latke, and I have an exercise routine (for her, not me): I throw a ball in the back yard. Scout & Zoe's lamb lung comes in assorted sizes of slices that break up very easily for high-value training treats that are high in protein and low in fat. If our treats or chews are a new for your dog, we recommend only letting your dog chew about 1 at a time to avoid tummy upset due to the possible change in diet ingredients. JR’s delicious Lamb Spaghetti Dog Treat makes for a very special treat for your dog. At my local butcher, I can get chicken liver for less than $2/lb, beed heart for about $2.50/lb and lamb’s lung is usually super cheap too (though harder to find). The Real Meat Company, simply the best dog and cat foods and treats! It’s SO EASY to make meaty dog treats from organ meats like heart, liver, or lung. These are far and above the nicest lung treats we have found. These premium freeze dried lamb lung cubes are the perfect bite-sized snack for cats and dogs of all breeds, size and age. Only Natural Pet Lamb Lung Dog Treats are 100% natural, puffed lamb lung that is high in protein and low in fat. Medium Dog Treats Large Dog Treats Roo Beef Pork Lamb Chicken ... Our Lamb Puff is 100% Natural Australian Lamb Lung. Australian product only from the most trusted seller in the country! Not only is it 100% digestible, it’s also naturally healthy and low in fat. Add to Cart. Product Search. Actually, Greenies Dog Dental Chews and treats are well-known for their hygienic, healthy and delicious food ingredients. This is the perfect treat for your small to medium size pooch as its easy to digest and simply irresistible whilst also being naturally healthy and nutritious. Created from USA raised lamb, it has been freeze dried to give it a crunch that dogs go crazy for. Sign In Cart 0. The dehydration process removes moisture and nothing else, so dogs get a treat that packs all that meaty flavor they love, perfectly bite-sized for training. Dakota Treats is our production plant in Hawarden, Iowa. 100% Natural Freeze Dried Lamb Lung Bites For Cat & Dog Treats. Shop with confidence on eBay! Akela Lamb Lung Bites 125g. These wag-worthy snacks are air-dried without grains, gluten, artificial preservatives or flavors. These all-natural treats are low in fat and high in protein, making them perfect for a healthy, daily snack! The best quality, healthiest PET DOG chews and treats in Australia. Our assortment of lamb treats for dogs features chewy favorites like lamb ears and lamb lung filets. Because they are soft and highly palatable, they are great for senior dogs with sensitive teeth and gums, as well as for puppies. It is also ideal for dogs that suffer from teeth and gum issues that may have problems with the harder chew treats. These are Lamb Cubes – are a nutritious dog treat and a fun one. 100% Lamb Ears; Healthy Nutritional Chew; Long-Lasting; Aids Dental Hygiene; Learn More. The remainder of the recipe includes hand selected vitamins & minerals, sea kelps, chicory, & parsley. Barkworthies Lamb Lung Treats (12 oz.) Add to Cart . My Cart: 0 item(s) Your Shopping Cart Is Empty. If you are looking to introduce raw dog food into your dog’s diet, putting Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Meal Mixers into their kibble is a great place to start. PLUS our Lamb Crackers are great value as we package by weight and these are very light, giving you more treats in a bag. Lamb Lung Dog Treats. These meats are exactly the kind of stuff most humans want to serve on the dinner table, so they have the benefit of being really affordable. Welcome to 2021!!! These cubes are made of 100% lamb lung, simply diced and dried. This pet treat is a great source of protein, low in fat,... View full details from $3.95 . Your dog can add so much to your life, so it’s only fair that you do your very best for him. Our Lamb Quik Stix are sure to be a winner with your pet. Sign In Cart 0. $14.50) SKU: 9057. Whether it’s for training or sprinkled over their dinner, dogs and cats enjoy this high protein treat. Home / Lamb Lungs Treats / Page 1 of 1 Sub Collections. 818-279-2473 0. They are similar to beef puffs but of course made of 100% lamb. 100% Natural Lamb Dog Treats! Quick shop Choose options from $2.50 . Shop's selection of dog toys & treats to find a variety of dog treats, dental chews, dog snacks, dog toys & more from top brands. Pet Center Lamb Trotter Dog Chew Pet Center PigzEarz Dog Treats 10pk Pet Center PigzEarz Slices Dog Treats 8oz Pet Center USA Beef Stakes Beef Lung Dog Treats 16oz Pet Center USA Chicken Bites Dog Treats 8oz Pet Center USA Chicken Breast Tenders Dog Treats 8oz Pet 'n Shape Beef Lung Chunx Dog Treats Bacon 1 lb Pet … We're proud of the high quality dog treats produced by Dakota Treats. Subscribe & save 5%: Deliver every. Find thousands of pet supplies at low prices. It's sliced, and then slow oven dried. Dogs love the flavor and crunch of this yummy treat. Lamb Lung Dog Treats. are easily broken into smaller pieces, making them a great training treat to reward good behavior. Subscription details How subscriptions work Products are automatically delivered on your schedule. Lamb Bites make a great reward for pets. One-time purchase. Our popular treats are available for … Special Offers Since you live together, you’re vital parts of each other’s lives. These crunchy, high-protein treats are made with 100% dehydrated lamb lung and no other ingredients. Current Stock: Out of stock. £4.00. Give your pal these high-protein, low-fat Healthy Bites as a tasty treat or as a training reward. A037 Hen/Cod Fillets. 100% naturally dehydrated lamb lites (small pieces of lamb lung) are a light tasty treat that won't ruin their appetite! All natural, free range, gently prepared and full of natural nutrition! No Preservatives No Additives No Grain No Wheat No Gluten This will make them even more palatable and bring out their irresistible smell. K9 Natural dog treats are completely natural and sourced from the best NZ ingredients. This facility is BRC-certificated, adhering to strict food safety standards which are checked through routine audits. from £8.49. We considered Greenies as one of the special healthy dog treats which have been assessed as the second top position by our editors. They have a softer, spongier texture than other lamb lung treats we've tried so they are also great for puppies, senior pets, or dogs with sensitive teeth. Lamb lung is our go-to treat at School For The Dogs. The dogs love it, and we trainers do too, thanks to the fact that they break up easily into very small pieces and don't leave our hands greasy. 100% Lamb; No artificial additives; Hypoallergenic; Grain & Gluten-free; Low-Fat; Easy to digest ; Approximate size 3 x 3cm (subject to natural fluctuations) Learn More. Reward them drool-worthy dog treats from BarkShop, all made in the USA! Lamb Quik Stix Our Rewards are slowly and gently air-dried to preserve the best of our special New Zealand ingredients. Our Lamb Lung Treats are oven baked, highly digestible, and are packed with Vitamin A, which is essential to your dog's liver function. We even offer bully-coated lamb ears for dogs who crave an extra savory snack. Product Search. These all-natural treats are low in fat and high in protein, making them perfect for a healthy, daily snack! Not only are these meaty dog chews delicious, but they also help support doggie dental health by helping to scrape away puppy plaque and tartar build-up. Lamb Lung Steaks, 12oz: Thick slices for the dogs on the larger size Lamb Lung Filets, 8oz: Thin sliced and easy to break apart into the perfect sized treat for any sized dog Lamb Lung Training Treats, 5oz: Bite-sized cubes that are perfect for training Break them off into little pieces and you have the perfect training treat. Made purely from 100% natural lamb, this chewy treat is sourced and made in the USA. Who's a good dog? That means there’s no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, and never any wheat, corn or soy.